Monday, February 27, 2012

Prez Day Giveaway Winners

Happy Monday, all!

Sounds like everyone had an action-packed Monday last week.I'm sure half of you were skydiving or something of that nature and you were too shy to admit it. ;) I actually spent the day working. I didn't get any shopping in at all.  (sad face)

But the good news is that today I get to pick some winners! Now, on to the fun part!

The winner of Monica McCarthy's THE VIPER: SandyG267

The winner of Heather Snow's SWEET ENEMY: Rebe

If you are a winner, send me an email with your addy so I can shoot the fun your way!

Note: I haven't heard from the winners for the Book Signing Giveaway on January 23rd: Linda Henderson - The Dragon and the Pearl and Simply Kayla - The Paris Affair. I'll be giving you some Coveted Swag as well so shoot me an email! I'll keep trying for a little while. Never give up, never surrender!

It's such a beautiful day outside here in St. Louis! I think I'll be taking a brisk walk today to enjoy the fresh air. Anyone else got any sunshine today? Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Nice and cool, not too hot.

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Chrisbails said...

If they don't want there books I am sure I could find a home for either of them, especailly The Dragon and the Pearl. LOL.