Sunday, March 25, 2012

Darkness Awakened Winners

Wow! Thank you to all who entered the giveway for Darkness Awakened! I loved everyone's comments about what they liked about paranormal heroes!

With 29 entries, an extra prize was added to the pot, for a total of four winners!


There will be another contest with more prizes to celebrate the April 15 release of the second Order of the Blade book, so stop by for more chances to win! Here's a little peek at Darkness Seduced, coming April 15th:

Immortal warrior Gideon Roarke made an oath five hundred years ago to the woman who died for him. The ancient Calydon is ruthless in his quest to honor that promise, even if it means risking everything by teaming up with the one woman who will either destroy him, or finally bring redemption to his blackened, hardened soul.

After escaping from a two-year imprisonment at the hands of a madman, the only thing Lily Davenport wants is to go home and reclaim her life. Unfortunately for Lily, standing between her and that goal is a sensual, demanding protector whose dangerous seduction threatens to claim her life…and her soul.

The Calydons Destiny: The Calydons are a race of ancient immortals cursed with a dark side. Each Calydon is destined to meet his soul mate, to be so drawn to her that he is unable to resist bonding with her through the rituals of his race...

...but their destiny is to destroy each other and all they care about the moment their bond is complete.

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