Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Broken - Year 2

A year ago, I had a similar post about the joys of spring break. Ummm, nothing much has changed.

Well, I take that back. It's nice outside this time and the kiddos are outside enjoying the sunshine. They come in once in a while to wreck havoc and then they go back in. For some reason, they keep forgetting to shut the door to the house. If they ever manage to shut it I'll be surprised!

Even though I have several more days to entertain the kids, I've had a fun day so far. I learned that Coveted got a 4 1/2 stars review on RT Book Reviews! My first big review. (You need early access to see it before the release date.) I was pleased as punch to read it.

I'm also participating in the Romance at Random Luck of the Irish Blog hop over on my blog. Check out what I'm giving away. :)

It's only Monday, but the way I see it, there's plenty to do in St Louis and sprinklers are just as fun now as they were when I was a kid.

The silence is just as golden in my house.

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