Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Book for Kindle!

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Pleased to announce that as of this week, more of my early historical romances are available on Kindle. You can find them listed under the "other" me, Constance Laux.
Today I’ve chosen to introduce you to "Earthly Delights," and two characters I had so much fun with.
The heroine is Victoria Broadridge, a major geek, who isn’t at all like the ladies of the 19th century are supposed to be. You see, Victoria loves to dig in the dirt, specifically, looking for the bones of the giant lizards she believes once roamed the Earth. Society would be scandalized, which is why Victoria depends on her brother to front her operation. She does the work, he gets the glory. And she doesn’t mind (at least not too much) because she’s advancing the cause of Science.
But when Victoria’s brother mysteriously dies, she’s got a problem on her hands. She needs a new partner, preferably, one who won’t get in the way of her work. A shallow, self-centered wastrel would be perfect, and she finds him in Gabriel Radigan.
Gabriel was once kicked out of Oxford because of a scandal and he’s done his best to show that the world was right about him. He’s knee-deep in debt, marinated in brandy and looking for a place to hide from his creditors.
So often, authors are asked, "Where do you get your ideas?" I can clearly remember where the idea came from for "Earthly Delights." Like so many young boys, my son was interested in dinosaurs and one night, I was reading him a book about them at bedtime. It talked about the discovery of bones in England early in the 1800s and really, how could I resist!

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