Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kids Bored on Spring Break?

In case you haven't noticed yet (and I'm convinced everybody in cyberspace is talking about it), I'm really bad with formatting these blogs. The spacing's always off. The font is always too large. What's up with that, anyway?

No matter. In spite of my less-than-stellar formatting skills, I wanted to post pics of these book covers this week. Why? Because you know kids who are home on spring break, and kids being kids, they're already bored.

I've got the perfect solution. The Blood Moon YA horror trilogy I wrote for HarperCollins like a million (well, almost) years ago. "The Curse," "The Fortune Teller" and "The Reckoning" are now available exclusively on Kindle.

The books tell the story of high school student Kate who gets a summer job at an amusement park. Too bad it's haunted! And that there's a madman running around . . . one who has a terrible sacrifice planned for the night of the Blood Moon!

Spooky without being gory or graphic. Appropriate for 7th grade and up.

Hey, the kids will love 'em. And you'll get a little peace and quiet!


Tayia said...

How did I not find these before? I would have loved to try these books out in school. Thanks for sharing. On a side note, your formatting isn't quite as terrible as you think. :)

Casey said...

The books aren't ancient, Tayia, but they're getting there. Published in the mid-90s, I think. I've had plenty of adults tell me they enjoyed reading them, so it's not too late!