Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vampire repellant and a new book excerpt!

Happy Tuesday! You know I was going to blog about spells again, because I found some really good anti-vampire hoodoo and even a mother-in-law repellant. Wonder if it works on other crazy family members... But I digress. Turns out there is even cooler news. My publisher has given me permission to release the first chapter of Immortally Yours.

This is the book coming out this summer (formerly titled The Monster MASH). It's about a group of paranormal surgeons in the middle of an immortal war. I'm really excited about this one. It is a little darker than I usually write, but it still has plenty of laughs.

Oh, and since I don't want you to be eaten by vampires before you get a chance to check out that excerpt, here's that Vampire Repellant Spell:

The vampire's left sock (I swear I'm not making this up, people)
Graveyard dirt, preferably from the vampires own grave
Rocks from the cemetery
Access to a stream or other source of running water (perhaps the bathtub will do, although I'm not sure you want some dead guy's stinky socks in there).

Take the vampire's left sock and stuff it with graveyard dirt and rocks from the cemetery. Toss it outside the limits of the area you wish to protect, into running water that flows away from the area (so, shoot, I guess the bathtub is out). Your vampire will be gone in three days.

Maybe it takes him that long to realize he's lost his sock.

Lo to you who are faced with vampires who wear Birkenstocks.


Bev said...

Can't wait to read th rest!

Sharon said...

lol! if you can get close enough to get a vampire's sock you can just stake him! I guess you could sneak into his home and steal a sock, but why don't you just stake him while you are there!? oh well...I loved your first chapter!!! You got me intrigued :)