Monday, June 11, 2012

Swag Bag Winner

Happy Monday, everyone!

I had a great weekend with a family vacation in Nashville. To be perfectly honest, the husband and I went back to reminisce about his four years in medical school the food. I love the restaurants in Nashville! There is  so many places where I was like, "The food was so good there!"
"Hey, it's Gold Coast, we ate there all the time."
"Oh just turn around, it's not too late to eat a lunch/dinner at Harper's."
"Yes, kids we are eating breakfast at Shoney's again!"

We took the kids to so many places and had a blast! We'll definitely be heading back some day.

Now to the fun part! Thanks to, the winner (#9) of the swag bag is SandyG265!

So, are there any places where you live that you'd recommend to eat! I'm open to suggestions for the next family vacation. And yes, a good restaurant is a draw. ;)

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Kristi Lea said...

If you head back down 55 at some point, stop at Lamberts Cafe in Sikeston. Make sure you are really hungry because the portions aren't exactly skimpy :)