Monday, July 2, 2012

Fair Monday Winner

Happy Melting Monday, everyone!

It's still so very hot here in St. Louis. I'd love a break from the heat! It's been around to over 100 degrees (>37 C) for the last couple of days. I've tried not to venture out unless necessary.

So, how do you beat the heat when it gets too hot outside? I thought about the pool or taking the kids to the museum or something, but I feel like I bake when I step foot outside.

Now, to happier news! The winner of the copy of MY FAIR CONCUBINE goes to #2 Zita!

Congrats, Zita! Shoot me a message with your particulars. 

Maybe I just need to stay inside and eat popsicles all day? :)


zombierun said...

hello,Shawntelle Madison,acording to my suggestion please stay at home. because you said that its very hot past monday and the same day as switch on your air conditioner and take some rest at home.

Zombie Run St. Louis

Zombie Run

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Zita said...

Thank you so much! Details have been sent :-)

miki said...

Congrats Zita

I was so hoping to win so i could have coveted as well, and worse now i see it as a prize for a challenge i've entered but for US only ç_ç sad, injust i so want it