Sunday, July 22, 2012

Forever in Darkness release party & giveaway

I'm so excited to announce the release of Forever in Darkness, a bonus novella for my Order of the Blade series! I was in the middle of writing Darkness Reborn, Kane's story, but Ian kept bugging me, demanding attention. I finally had to stop writing Kane's book and take a few weeks off to write Ian's novella. What emerged was an incredibly powerful and moving story that dives so deeply into Ian's torment and his soul, and finally gives the reader a chance to see who he is and what drives him. The novella is incredibly sensual, darkly passionate, tragic and hopeful at the same time, and a critical turning point for the series.

Forever in Darkness can be read as a stand-alone novella, or as the next installment of the Order of the Blade series. Either way, as a thank you to my readers for all their support, it's being priced at $.99 and the price will never be raised. Enjoy this foray into the passionate and dangerous journey of Ian, a warrior who will entrench himself into your heart by the time you are finished with this novella!

To celebrate the release of Ian's novella, I'm giving away more free books! The winner can pick from any of my novels, ebook or print book (but some books are available only in one format or the other). For details on how to enter, keep on reading... but first, here's the cover blurb for Forever in Darkness:

Cursed to die for a choice his ancestor made, Ian Fitzgerald has spent six hundred years fighting the curse and trying to restore honor to his family's name. But his time to die has finally come, and his doom is in the guise of the one woman he cannot walk away from: his soul mate. Or is she really who she seems? Light and darkness, shadows and death, reality and illusions swirl around Ian as the curse hauls him relentlessly toward his own demise. Desperate to survive, Ian fights ruthlessly to uncover the truth about the sensual, desperate female who has died in his arms already…twice. Can she save him, or will she be the final key to the destruction of everything he has fought to protect?

 Intrigued? Here's a little snippet of what Forever in Darkness has in store for you...

It wasn't her.

Ian gritted his jaw, fighting against the need to sprint across the room and grab the woman standing beside the bar. It couldn't be true. There was no chance that the woman thirty feet away from him was Catherine Taylor.

Catherine Taylor was dead. She'd fallen into his arms, stared at him for a fraction of a second, and then Ian's teammate had struck her down. Dead. Done. Over. She was history.
And the second woman he'd buried earlier in the evening? He was sure now that it hadn't been Catherine. It had been a woman who looked like her, and his screwed-up mind had mixed them up.

The curse was trying to work him over. There was no reality anymore. Just delusions.

It's not her.

Sweat beaded on Ian's brow, and adrenaline surged through him. His entire body shook with the effort of staying where he was instead of responding to the siren call of the woman by the bar. His head pounded with the strain of trying to control his thoughts, to keep from hauling ass over there, sweeping her up in his arms and carting her off to his place to make love to her until neither of them could move.

He ground his jaw, focusing his attention on an old wooden sign on the opposite wall. Be a Man. Play with Sharp Objects.

Be a man. Stand with honor. Shit. What was he doing hiding in the shadows?

Honor didn't mean he was supposed to shrivel in the corner, afraid to look at an auburn-haired woman. It meant he stood tall, faced down that damn curse and defeated it. The curse had come to claim him, and it was time to step up and fight it. He needed to challenge what it threw at him and prove himself stronger.

He had to face it.

Ian clenched his jaw and slowly turned his head back to the woman. He steeled himself for the impact of seeing her, but the moment he saw her again, he felt like he'd been sucker-punched in the gut.

It was Catherine. It was her. It was his woman.

He would never forget those strawberry-gold highlights in her hair, the upturned slant of her nose, the way her lips pressed together in tension. Her skin was paler than he recalled, but her hips had that same curve of muscles and femininity. He would never forget the feel of her hips beneath his hands when she'd fallen down that damned cliff and he'd caught her. He knew exactly how they felt, precisely how they curved, and he knew just how her jeans caressed them.

Her hair was tossed over her right shoulder in a tumble of waves, and her white tee shirt hugged her body like it was put on this earth to torment him. The plain cotton was almost innocent in its simplicity, but the curve of her breasts beneath it made Ian's thoughts go to places that were far from innocent. On her left wrist was a thin gold bracelet that matched the gold hoops in her ears. No other adornment, no other flash. Not even any makeup. Just the pure, sensual beauty of a woman who was simply who she was, and that was more than enough for him.

She was searching the room now, her face tense with worry as she scanned the crowd. Her tension made his protective instincts pulse deep. Adrenaline rushed through him, and his weapons burned in his arms. This time the urge to arm himself was not to impale himself like some weak-willed embarrassment to his kind, but to protect her. To make her safe. To keep her from the fate she'd already suffered twice—


Ian swore and gritted his teeth. What was he thinking? It made no sense that this woman was Catherine Taylor, that she was some reincarnation anomaly who could come back to life hours after he'd buried her. What the hell was his problem?

He knew the answer to that one. The curse was his problem. It was going to keep trying to make him relive the death of his sheva until it finally broke him.

Well, fuck that. The woman across the bar wasn't his sheva. He was going to prove it, and then cut himself free from her influence.

She turned her head and met his gaze. His gut jumped as her green eyes met his, and he felt himself sliding helplessly under her spell. She stiffened, then took a step back and glanced over her shoulder toward the door.

She was leaving? Unacceptable.

Urgency coursed through Ian, and he broke from the corner, heading right for her.

Her eyes widened when she realized he was approaching, and her cheeks flushed. But she didn't back away. She lifted her chin and waited for him to approach.

Anticipation roared through him as he neared her, and an urgent lust rose within him as he closed the distance between them. The scent of lilac and lavender filled the air, so subtle, so faint that he wouldn't even have noticed it if he hadn't been searching for it so relentlessly.

Lilac and lavender. Hot damn. She smelled right.

Her green eyes searched his, and in them he saw pain and fear, so deeply etched it had become a part of her soul. But at the same time, they flashed with defiance and courage, a woman who had not surrendered to the burden she carried. Respect surged through him, igniting his lust even further.

But it was more than respect and lust. It was a raw, burning need to drag her over to him and make her his, in any and every way that he could.

She swallowed, and he felt her rising nervousness. "What do you want?" she asked.

Sweet Jesus. Her voice was like the choir of angels. Desire exploded through him, a yearning so powerful he could barely contain it. He had spent his life fighting the carnal urges that were a part of being a Calydon male, determined not to let it rule him and put him in a position where a woman could bring him down. But with those four words, this woman had unleashed all the raw sexual need he'd held at bay for so long.

She had to be Catherine. She had to be his sheva. There was no other explanation for the intensity of his response…but Catherine had died eight months ago. Her spirit couldn't have been reincarnated into a twenty-something body that was already alive.

What the hell was going on?

He needed answers. He had to know. He wanted to feel her body against his, to crush her into him and feel their bodies come together. He needed to dive deep into her soul and see who she really was, and he needed it now. The pulsing of music from the band vibrated through him, the deep base thudding in every cell in his body. "Dance with me," he said hoarsely, his voice raw with lust and need. "Dance with me."

 Like it? Check it on on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

And now, for the fun part! What paranormal romance have you read that had a hero that really stuck with you long after you finished the book? Leave a comment (on any topic) and be entered to win a free book of your choice. I will give away at least one free book to a winner picked from the comments. But for every 15 comments, I will add one more free book, so pass the word on. More prizes means more chances to win! The winners will be posted on Something Wicked next Friday, so you have a week to enter and drum up more entries to increase the size of the pot!


Sharon Stogner said...

woot! don't enter me another smexy tortured male with weapons that come out of his arms...;)

Jean Bowden said...

I have to say that the one character that has stuck with me is Vishous from Lover Unbound from The Black Dagger brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. He was the raciest character but once you got into the story, you realized why he tortured himself.

Stephanie Rowe said...

LOL, Sharon! It's good to see you here! Every time I write a scene where the weapons erupt with a crack and a flash of black light, I think of you! :)

Jean, I love Vishous. He is awesome! Good one!

tracie2667 said...

For me it would be Lachlain MacReive from Kresley Coles IAD. What he endures and then to find his mate to be one of the breeds he detests the most this book had it all.

TikiJo said...

I would have to say that the character that has stuck with me the most would be Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. There is just something about the Beast Lord and the way he is with Kate that gets me every time!

KathyE said...

While i've loved many many books...The characters who have stayed with me the most, of any others, are Jamie & Claire from Diana Gabaldons, Outlander series...

shaggydragon said...

I have to agree with TikiJo about Curran, he is one that stays with you. The things he does to make his pack stay together and the funny way he tries to keep Kate inline.

Barbara E. said...

The paranormal romance hero that has stuck with me the most after finishing the book is Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress. When I read the first book, he seemed really scary and I wasn't sure what to make of him, but as I've learned more about him and seen his relationship with Cat, I really like his character a lot. Every time I finish a book in the series, I think about him (and Cat) for days afterwards.

mariska said...

i love Bones from Jeaniene Frost's night huntress series..He stuck in my mind for couple days when i finished a book in that series. lol

kazza16 said...

The character that sticks with me is Zsadist, also from J R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood. There's something about a tortured soul that pulls at my heart strings and I love the way Bella describes him as being so distant and fearce with everyone else, and loathe to be touched, but when he's with her it's as though he can't get close enough, and he's gentle and passionate! Oh my, the more I write the more I want him!

Marie Lisk said...

I have to agree with everyone. I have read so many great books, but I have to say...oh shoot I can't really decide between Vishous and Lachalain..

SandyG265 said...

Adam fom the Mercy Thompson books

julie beasley said...

i have read so many good books where the hero has been with me long after i read the book. i just cant pick 1 theres some shifters. immortals and dragons etc i like just to much. i'll just say that whatever is in the book im reading at that time i fall in love with

andieleah said...

Zsadist is the hero that really grabbed be...he is so tortured and feels so unworthy and Bella loves him unconditionally!!! The scarred one had a voice of an angel...*swoons*

Cindy said...

How about I just go with the last paranormal angry and tormented man I read... IAN :) Cant wait for his full story.

sheryl said...

I think the character that sticks with me the most is the Archangel Raphael from the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. Love him!!

Heather said...

well other then LOVING the Soulfire series by Stephanie Rowe, I really liked Slade in 'Canyons of Night' by Jayne Castle. I love that she writes a past, present and future series about the Arcane Society. And that somehow ALL characters are related to her past books. It makes for a fun read!!

Amanda Tamayo said...

I hate to say this, since it's from another series; but Vlad from the Night Huntress world of Jeaniene Frost. He has never been the lead hero until this latest book but I have LOVED him [and he has haunted me] ever since we met him in the original series.

Melissa Phoenix said...

I would have to say Wrath from The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward because he is the BADASS BOSS. The Leader of the Pack and the biggest of the brothers. I have this weak spot for the Alpha Men lolol

donnas said...

Bones, Curran - both mentioned above. And I have to add Lucan and Chase and well all the others in the Midnight Breed series. said...

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Alencia said...

For me it's a tie...John Matthew from BDB, Carlos (from the Vampire Huntress series by L.A. Banks) and Paris from LOTU. I absolutely love J.M. because he not only went after what he wanted no matter what he kicked ass enough to have a strong woman. Carlos **fanning myself** was just yummy!! He was a Latin lover that ran his sh*t, loved that's series and sorry it's over and finally Paris...what more is there to say about the keeper of promiscuity?!? He was aweeeeesome!

CBarton said...

For me it would have to be Aaron from the Aaron's Kiss Series by Kathi S. Barton.

Becky Johnson said...

I'm not deliberatley being a suck, but Darkness Surrendered has been my favourite all year so far. Eiljah. Sweet, gorgeous, torture Eiljah! His character, and his relationship with Ana completely swept me away and truly moved me. I cried far too many times when reading Darkness Seduced (I also laughed out loud too!)

Holly said...

Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series is definitely one of my number one heroes but Gideon from Darkness Seduced is a close second. However after reading Forever in Darkness I am keeping an open mind to Ian. Hoping that after his whole story that I will fall completely, totally and madly in love with him =)