Sunday, August 26, 2012

Darkness Reborn cover reveal!

Kane's story, Darkness Reborn (Order of the Blade #5),  has both a cover and a release date!!!!

Talismans carved into his body. A lethal darkness amassing inside him. A woman who calls to his spirit on levels so intimate and so passionate that his deadened soul screams in agony. Calydon warrior Kane Santiago is out of time to find out who he was before he was tossed in a gutter to die five hundred years ago. He has a past he can't remember, and a deadly legacy closing in on him. His only chance is Sarah Burns, a sensual, courageous woman fighting to save herself and her family from an ancient, brutal evil. Sarah is on the verge of losing everything, but she can't afford to trust Kane, who might be the key to her final destruction…or her only chance of survival. Bound together by a connection so deep that it has the power to bring the past and all its nightmares back to life, Kane and Sarah must tap into the hearts they closed down so long ago or lose everything, including their souls.

Darkness Reborn will be released Friday, September 7, 2012! Less than two weeks away!!!!!!


Barbara E. said...

Wow, great cover and the new story sounds great!

Sharon Stogner said...

woot! gonna be a good one ;)