Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Semper Fi!

A couple weeks ago, I visited Lily Dale, New York, the largest Spiritualist community in the country.

Now let’s face it, there are plenty of people who would scoff at the very idea. A whole town where people talk to the dead? Yes, indeed, and an interesting place it is.

One of the things I like doing in Lily Dale (besides walking the labyrinth, eating at a couple wonderful little cafes and soaking in the quiet) is attending message services. At these services, mediums stand up in front of the crowd and offer messages from Beyond.

This year, I was picked to receive a message. It came from a medium I’ve never encountered in my other trips to Lily Dale, and she said it was a message from my dad. For one thing she told me he envied men these days because they are more able to talk about their emotions than men of his generation.

Then she said he was showing her a wooden box. There was something in it, she said . . . from his days in the Army? I corrected her; Dad was a Marines in WWII. In fact, he was a recipient of the Silver Star for his service in the battle of Tarawa.

She nodded. Yes, the Marines! There’s something in the box from his days in the Marine Corps and he wants you to have it, she said.
Interesting, yes? I thought so, and when I got back home, I told the story to my mother. She was confused. A wooden box? She had no idea what the medium was talking about.

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit Mom to look for something else. While we were rummaging through her bedroom, I found a wooden box. I reminded her of the Lily Dale story and she said she hadn’t looked in the box for years.

Of course, I did. And what did I find? Dad’s Marine Corps pin!

Need another chill to crawl up your back? The day I found it, August 7, is the anniversary of the WWII battle of Guadalcanal, the first battle my dad fought in.

Thanks for the present, Dad! You can be sure I’ll treasure it. Semper fi!


Emilie Richards said...

Wow, what a story, Casey. I know you'll treasure the pin.

BW said...

I've been Lily Dale (a few times) and the first time I went a medium told me that I would be writing science. I laughed in her face. Two months later I lost my job. Six weeks after I lost my job I got a job writing science. Been doing it for almost five years and its the best job I ever had.

Casey said...

LD is truly an amazing place! That's not to say I haven't had bad readings there. I have. A couple times. But far more times, the comments I hear from mediums are so on the mark, it's breathtaking. How about the medium who knew my grandmother's name? In a hundred years, you couldn't guess it, but he knew, and said "Viola" was there to talk to me.

BW said...

The medium I mentioned earlier told me that my grandmother's name was Katherine with a "K" and that she had a message for me. I told her she was mistaken, I had no grandmother by the name of Katherine with a "K" (I had a great great grandmother named Catherine) and that my grandmothers names were Mabel and Irene. She insisted that I did have a grandmother by the name of Katherine and told me to think about it. About a week later it dawn on me that she was talking about my cousins' grandmother and I used to call her Nana when I was young. She treated me like another one of her grandchildren.

Casey said...

I know someone else who argued with a medium who insisted her grandmother was tall. "No," my friend said, "She was a tiny woman." "Ah," the medium pointed out, "not your adopted grandmother, your biological grandmother." My friend had been adopted as an infant and never even thinks about her biological family!

Sharon Stogner said...

what a neat experience! would love to visit there one day and walk the labyrinth.