Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrilled to Announce . . .

. . . the publication of the newest Pepper Martin adventure, "Supernatural Born Killers."

The book hit store (and cyber) shelves yesterday and hey, last night it was #4 on the Amazon mystery list. They're going like hotcakes!

In this, #9 in the series, Pepper's working at her new job as community relations director at the cemetery.  (FYI, I’m using the word work liberally since most of her time isn’t devoted to the cemetery, but to the ghosts who hang out there) when puddles start showing up in her office, and then the ghost appears who belongs to them. It doesn't take a detective to figure out that since his hands are tied, his mouth is covered with duct tape and there are cinder blocks tied to his feet, this guy was murdered.
As if communicating with a ghost who can't talk isn't trouble enough, Pepper's on-again, off-again boyfriend Quinn is back, and he still won’t talk about the day he got shot and the few minutes he was dead and came to visit her as a ghost. Maybe if the guy would open up and admit that she can talk to spirits, they might be able to get their relationship off dead (pun intended) center.

And then there’s Superman . . .

There's a big comic book convention in town, see, and a billionaire who’s got this Superman fixation.  Especially appropriate since Superman was created in Cleveland where the books take place.  Then there are Papper's parents, and really, does a girl expect to have her dad show up at her front door when the last she saw him was through the Plexiglass wall of a prison visiting room?

As always, Pepper's world is a whirlwind and there are plenty of surprises in store!

A special shout out to Nissa Collins who I know checks in here on Wicked.  She's the one who came up with the terrific title for Supernatural Born Killers.  Thanks, Nissa.  I'm putting a copy of the book in the mail to you today!


Angie Fox said...

I bought it last night at Barnes & Noble! Love the cover. And I was so glad to see it was right there in the tower where everyone can see it and grab a copy. Congratulations!

Casey said...

Glad to hear it was up front at B&N. That's always good news. Thanks for the support, Angie!

Bev said...

Just finished this. Loved it!