Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is here!

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers!

Over the past weekend, things have gotten quite cooler outside. I absolutely love the fall and the spring! Especially the kind of weather where you have a crisp breeze outside. I have fond memories in Iowa of the beautiful trees as they turned fall colors. I went to school at Iowa State and enjoyed walking across campus on cooler days. (Versus frying/baking in the summer time. Don't get me started on winter!)

My first dormitory hall was a bit of a distance from campus. The buildings have been torn down, but the location was great. It was not far from corn fields and a cross country course. If you wanted to head to campus you could take the bus system or you could walk. During the fall, before it got horribly cold, it was a wonderful experience. There's something about taking a long walk where all you have is your own thoughts to chew on. Back then, I was worried about school, but when I take walks now I let my imagination have a party. Back then, I think I was too caught up in school and my sorority life to really take it easy and enjoy something as simple as a walk down the street. Time changes us and our prospective on life. I really wish I could have sat down with the Shawntelle from over ten years ago and tell her that an hour or two to drift away with the wind is not so bad at all. (Enjoy the time before you have kids, Shawntelle! LOL) She might even be able to do her homework a lot better if she just stopped stressing over the little things.

Lately, I've been trying to take time out of my work day to take walks. There is a lake near where I live. I have to drive there, but the view is pleasant and I feel so relaxed after a good walk around the lake. My well feels refilled and  the story ideas come out a lot faster!

Does anyone else like this cooler weather? Does anyone have any fond fall memories they'd like to share?

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Sharon Stogner said...

I LOVE the Fall and Winter. I enjoy the smell of wood burning fireplaces on a crisp day with some overcast and all the leaves have changed...beautiful :)