Friday, October 12, 2012

Why You Can't Give Up

This morning, my brother and sister-in-law had their second baby, an 8lb boy named Theo. Of course, having a healthy baby is always reason to celebrate, but this is especially inspiring to me. My brother and his wife went through tough times before they met each other in their mid/late thirties. I mean, really tough times, the kind of times when you feel like there's no hope. And yet, somehow, by some miracle, they both kept soldiering on and stumbled into each others arms. Their connection was instant, two souls who knew they had finally found what they'd been looking for. Now, almost exactly four years since they met, they are the proud parents of two great kids (well, we'll assume Theo is going to be great, even though he's only about 16 hours old), careers that are finally coming together, and most importantly, they have each other. Stories like theirs are the ones that give me hope and inspire me to keep on going another day, because you just never know what's around that next corner. Never stop believing. Never stop hoping. Never stop trying.

A great quote I read recently by Dale Carnegie says: Never stop trying because (1) You might actually succeed and (2) by trying, you get yourself to look forward and then it becomes impossible to dwell on where you are, so you feel better anyway.

So true. Don't stop trying. Your Theo might be just around the next corner.

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