Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The great kindergarten forgery

The other day, my six-year-old son had a reading assignment. He's learning very simple books at school and brought one home for us to read together. Afterward, he had to get my signature to show that he'd done his work.

Only he figured it would be easier if he just played an extra game of Wii and forged my signature. He's busy, after all. Those monster truck racers will not reach the finish line on their own.

Normally, I oversee homework as soon as it comes out of his school bag, but I'd been distracted by the Immortally Embraced copyedits that had arrived right as we were getting home from school pick-up. Like a cobra, my son struck. Only there was a flaw in his plan...

I don't know if I'm proud or worried. Maybe a little of both.

Either way, I made him read the book before I signed it for real. My son has avoided a life of crime and (maybe) learned his lesson. I've learned mine. In the future, just call me eagle eye.


Stephanie Rowe said...

That is hilarious, Angie!

Casey said...
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Casey said...

This is priceless! You must keep that paper and frame it, Angie.

heavy hedonist said...

Hilarious, and thank goodness he didn't work on that signature more first.

fatima jabs said...

130Awww so sweet
Kids are like little angels but sometyms they can be really funny devils
I have a 4 year old who keeps me on toes