Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Touching Tribute

Sometimes, the most touching gifts come from the most unexpected places.

At the end of October, I took part in an event in Pittsburgh called Women Read/Women Write, a book festival/discussion/reading extravaganza that features panels of women writers and many wonderful readers.  There was lots of good energy, and plenty of intriguing ideas and conversation.

One of the readers I met there was a woman named Nan who bought a copy of "Button Holed," the first book in the Button Box mystery series I write as Kylie Logan for her mom, Rose.  Rose, she told me, was 85 and she'd been a professional seamstress all her life.  If anyone would appreciate buttons, she knew it was Rose!

Just a couple days later, on November 3, Rose died, and just this week, her daughter sent me her buttons.

I am deeply touched, and proud to be the one chosen to keep this little bit of Rose's memory alive.  I know each time I see these buttons, I'll think of a woman I never met.  Rose, we obviously had a lot in common!  Though I am truly the world's worst sewer, I know a pretty button when I see one.  Thank you for the gift.