Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Next Big Thing

Last week, Gail Z. Martin ( tagged me in her blog as part of a chain of authors (or creative people) recommendations called The Next Big Thing.  Today it's my turn to reciprocate and pass the torch . . . well, at least it would be if it wasn't the Christmas season.

You see, I gathered my posse of authors to recommend to all of you and they all agreed to participate.  That is, until they realized the holidays were breathing down our necks.  The idea was that I answer Gail's questions here, then the five authors I recommend answer those same questions on their blogs.  I'll still mention their names (because they are, in fact, fabulous authors), but for now, all I've got is the questions and my answers to them.

And hey, I'm not even answering as Casey Daniels, but as my alter ego, Kylie Logan.  So here goes:

What is the working title of your next book?
It all depends on what you mean by "next book."  As Kylie Logan, I've got a book called "Panic Button" coming out on New Year's Eve.  Under that same name, I have a new series starting in June called the League of Literary Ladies.  The first book of that series is "Mayhem at the Orient Express."  I also have another new series starting next year.  The first book of the Chili Chick series is "Chili Con Carnage."

Where did the idea come from for the book?
I'll talk about "Panic Button"...The idea for the entire series arose out of the face that I love old buttons.  I'm not much of a collector and believe me, there are serious button collectors out there.  But I do find buttons fascinating.  They are often tiny pieces of art and the workmanship on many of them speaks to a time when people paid attention to even the little things in life and took pride in their work.  The idea for "Panic Button" came out of a sweet thing young girls did in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They made charm strings.  The idea was to collect buttons, and tradition said you couldn't have two the same.  You'd string the buttons and people would bring you more buttons from vacations or give them as gifts.  Girls traded buttons, too.  The legend said when you had 1000 buttons, you'd meet your Prince Charming.

Since I write about old buttons, this was too good not to explore.  In "Panic Button," my heroine/detective, Josie, owns a button shop and a customer brings a charm string to be appraised.  Not only does the charm string have all 1000 buttons, the customer swears it's cursed!

What genre does your book fall under?
Cozy mystery

If you found yourself in an elevator with a movie director and had a chance to pitch your book to them, what would you say?
Well, I'd remind the director that right now, cozy mysteries are hot, hot, hot.  Readers love the chance to get to know a cozy's cast of characters and follow their lives from book to book.  The added appeal of the Button Box mysteries includes a Chicago setting, a charming renovated brownstone that houses the Button Box shop, a plucky heroine, twisty plots and of course, all those wonderful buttons!

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
As always with his series, I'm inspired by the history and legends that surround antique and vintage buttons.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
My schedule is packed.  I have about 3 months to write each of my books.

When is your book available?
"Panic Button" hits store shelves on New Year's Eve, December 31.

That's it for the interview.  Now for my recommendations.  Here are five friends who also happen to be five incredible authors.  If you haven't checked out their books, do yourself a favor and look them over!

Emilie Richards (womens fiction)
Mary Ellis (Amish romance)
Serena Miller (Amish romance)
Maureen Child (Harlequin Desires)
Shelley Costa (cozy mystery, a first book coming out in June!)


Sharon Stogner said...

you are one busy lady!! and only 3 months per book? amazing! good luck with all your projects for next year :)

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Julie Ruth said...

I love your button mysteries and will gladly read anything you write but I was just wondering if there are any new Pepper books on the horizon????