Monday, January 21, 2013

May the Fittest Survive

Happy Monday, all! A lot of stuff has happened to me personally with the passing of an elderly family member, but I'm back this week to talk about fish (and he's still alive, hooray!) and the cover reveal this past week for my upcoming Coveted series novella.

Over the weekend I bought a new pet for the family. I could've gone all out and bought a tank and a bunch of fish, but based on the past history in the household with fish, I going to start slow with one fish. The kids have named him Darwin and I hope he is the fittest fish because my kids are so...attentive. They talk to him, gather close to show him toys and such. He doesn't seem thrilled with their attention. LOL

I'm getting all sorts of tips on how to take care of him from readers and friends. Be sure to toss any my way if you have them!

Just in case you missed it. On Talking Supe, I revealed the cover for the upcoming Coveted series novella featuring Aggie McClure--BITTER DISENCHANTMENT. I'm excited about Aggie's store. Before Aggie ventured into South Toms River, New Jersey and began her adventures with Natalya, she had problems of her own to face. This novella delves into that.

I'm very pleased with how the cover turned out. I think it's very pretty. Just a few more months until May 2013 when it comes out. Just in time for the Romantic Times Convention! Be sure to add Aggie's book to your TBR list on Goodreads.

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