Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Book!

Greetings, Wicked readers!  I'm starting off 2013 right, with a new book! "Panic Button" is book #3 in the Button Box mystery series and in this book, Josie's got her hands full. One of her customers, Angela Morningside, has brought a charm string to Josie to be appraised. Charm strings? You've never heard of them? Well, here's the story: charm strings were all the rage in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Young girls would save buttons and string them and the custom was to never have two of the same button. You got buttons as gifts, traded them, brought them back from vacation as souvenirs. And when you had 1000 buttons on your charm string, legend said you'd meet your Prince Charming.

Pretty cool, right? Especially for Josie, one of the country's leading experts on antique and vintage buttons. Even partial charm strings are hard to come by, but Angela's . . . Angela's contains all 1000 original buttons. It's a button nerd's dream come true! There's only one problem--Angela is convinced that the charm string is cursed.

Josie is way too practical to believe in such nonsense. That is, until she finds Angela in the courtyard behind the Button Box, strangled with the charm string.

It's another fast-paced investigation for Josie and company and I hope you enjoy it. "Panic Button" includes a little bit of history, a whole lot of buttons and even pirates!

"Panic Button" is available at bookstores everywhere and online at:

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