Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh my

Happy Tuesday! Today, I'm working on a super sekrit project. (She says, rubbing her hands together.) Hopefully, I can let you in on it soon. In the mean time, I'm writing, brainstorming, writing some more...and realizing I may be too caught up in this whole thing.

You see, I thought I was handling everything else. But recently, I've learned there are a few things slipping through the cracks. Nothing huge. The kids are alive, the husband is happy, the dog has been fed (to be fair, she has learned to bang her food bowl quite loudly). No, it's Christmas decorations. They keep popping up - everywhere.

We took down the tree the weekend after Christmas. The wreaths are gone, the lights, everything big has been put away. But just when I think we've got things handled, I keep finding Christmas decorations. I'm okay with the little reindeer door knob hanger left on the way out to the deck. How often do you use a deck with snow on it? And maybe the cookie jar is okay to miss - it's been such a fixture for the past month. But last night, I came walking down the main stairs and noticed we totally forgot about the garland on the hand rails - complete with blinky lights that the kids had turned on.

How does one miss blinky lights? For an entire week?

Alas, there is nothing to be done. Not really. This new project is too fantastically fun. After it's finished, who knows? Maybe I'll find something from Halloween.

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