Thursday, February 21, 2013

Men Don't Understand Chocolate

This afternoon while on a family vacation, my daughter and I made a pan of chewy fudge brownies with chocolate frosting. I undercooked them ever so slightly so they were extra gooey. Let me just say, they are G-O-O-D.

The brownies were finished baking about five hours ago. My daughter had one brownie and decided she didn't like the fact there was frosting on it. That left me, and my brother to eat them, and he decided not to partake until after dinner.

This is what the pan looks like now:

Yes, that's right, more than half of it is gone. Granted, my brother did have some after dinner, but most of that is me. So, after my second large brownie in five minutes, I said, "Pete, you have two choices. Take that pan upstairs with you to your room, or I am going to throw them away."

He said, "What are you talking about? Leave them on the kitchen counter."

Me: "If I leave them there, I will eat them all by morning."

Him: "What? Why?"

Me: "Because they are there, and I know they are there. Therefore, I will eat them."

Him: "That's silly. Just don't eat them."

Me: "I can't not eat them. They are good. They are chocolate. I'm going to eat them."

My mom (who has been observing the exchange): "I will hide them from you, Stephanie."

Him: "Hide them? Don't hide them. Just leave them on the counter and don't eat them."


Him (looking at me like I'm a complete idiot): "Just don't eat them."

Me: "You just don't understand women and chocolate. You are a jerk."

Finale: I take a knife, cut another brownie, and stomp off while eating it.

Conclusion: Men have a different chocolate gene than women do, and it is NOT FAIR.

Morale of the story: Don't make gooey fudge chocolate brownies unless you are the only one in the house so you can throw them down the disposal when you realize what you've done.



Enchanted said...

I am right there with you Stephanie. I did that today because I was stuck in the house because of the big snow storm. Threw them in the trash after I ate more than I should have. Why did I even make them at all? Why????

Stephanie Rowe said...

LOL, Enchanted! That is a great question! Why do we make them in the first place???? I wish I had the answer... and the cure!