Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never Too Early!

It’s never too early to get the word out, especially for an event where seating is limited! That’s why I wanted to start spreading the word about a very special tour scheduled for Saturday, October 26.

It’s called Cleveland: Mayhem, Murder and Mystery! and is sponsored by Ohioana, the state library of Ohio.

I’ll be leading the merry band, and will take tourists to some of my favorite haunts, including historic Cleveland cemeteries and many of the sites I use in my Pepper Martin mysteries. We’ll check out the oldest cemetery in the city and find out why the Cleveland Indians are cursed. We’ll visit gypsy graves, tell ghost stories and see where a president of the United Stated is . . . well, I was going to say buried, but that’s not exactly true as his casket is on display in his memorial. In addition, we’ll check out the amazing art, architecture and sculpture in cemeteries, play trivia games and see photos taken from my last paranormal investigation.

Sound like fun? If you’re interested, check out The tour will leave from downtown Cleveland and we’ll be on a trolley so space is limited to 38 riders.

Hope to see you there!


BW said...

This sounds like something I have to do!!! I need to check this out. This definitely is worth taking a day off from work.

Casey said...

It's going to be great fun. And there will be trivia prizes...last tour I did, we had fabulous prizes like ghost Pez dispensers, ghost candles, ghost socks. The excitement never ends!