Monday, April 1, 2013

Under the Sea

Hey, all! Happy Monday!

Nothing like a hot bowl of gumbo
with chicken and sausage
Last week was a busy one for my family. We went on spring break and left St. Louis for a warmer location. Atlanta. Not warmer by much, but the sunshine was welcomed. The nine hour trip was long, especially with kiddos, but we managed to make the trip there much more manageable with an overnight stay in Nashville. Once in the ATL, I got a chance to meet my new nephew and cuddle with him. Christopher is only 8 weeks only, but he is so cute! I miss that new baby smell and it's nice to experience it once in a while. (My kids are older and don't smell as good. Heh heh.)

Since we were in Atlanta vacationing, we decided to take the kids out for fun. First, we decided to eat lunch at my sister-in-law's restaurant, Charlot's. I had a bowl of gumbo and it was so good! I rarely eat Creole food and Mama Rita is a fabulous cook.

With a deeply satisfying lunch out of the way, we headed to the World of Coke with my older niece and nephew in tow. The place was pretty cool. You got a tour to see memorabilia, and all sorts of other cool exhibits. I got a picture with the kids with the Coke polar bear. The dude in the suit did a really good job. I felt hot just looking at him. We also got to sample Coke drinks from around the world. I happen to like the drinks from Africa the best.
Sample drinks from Africa

But if you happen to go, don't drink the Beverly drink. It's an Italian soda. My husband said it tasted horrible. The kids said they had more fun mixing up drinks, but I preferred to sample as many as I could. It was really busy when we went, but I managed to get a few drinks. As everyone leaves, they get a free bottled Coke drink to go.

After our busy trip to the World of Coke, on the next day we ventured out to the Georgia Aquarium.

The aquarium is the largest in the world. The tickets were quite expensive, but I saw so much and the kids had a blast! I saw penguins up close. Beluga whales, huge sting rays, and even petted sea urchins. The only thing I missed was the frogs. But I pretty saw every other swimming animal--including cuddly river otters. The atmosphere was pleasant and my family had such a good time. We made good memories over just a couple of days.

Have any of you been to the World of Coke or the Aquarium? If you have kiddos, did you manage to stay sane over spring break?

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