Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We broke the bed: a love story...or not

So I thought you all might appreciate this. My husband and I are getting ready to put the house on the market, and one of the things the realtor told us (besides having us do lots of painting) is to move our bed back four feet into this bay window. But it's a canopy and the top is too high.

So the other night, at 11pm, my husband and I decided to tackle this particular project. Because why not? Most great projects start when the rest of the sane world is heading to sleep.

It started off smoothly enough. I know how to assemble and dis-assemble the bed like a military woman with a rifle. I've had this thing for twenty years and did a lot of moving when I was just out of college.

It started smoothly enough. I was taking the top off the bed and we were both slap happy (from breathing paint fumes, perhaps?). But as I was wrapping up the canopy parts, Jim decided he should just push the bed back on his own. He gave it a mighty heave and - crack - the entire headboard snapped off.

It was so horrifying, it was funny. We started laughing like maniacs, the kids woke up, claiming I'd screamed - which I probably did as the bed was breaking off and falling into the bay window.

The window didn't break (yay!) but the bed was unfixable. So we had to haul the whole canopy bed down to the dumpster out front (the bed was on it's last leg anyway).

Not sure what buyers are going to think of a seemingly successful couple sleeping on a mattress and box springs on the floor. Jim pointed out last night that it felt like camping. 

Now, I just caught my intrepid husband proudly telling our neighbors that he broke our bed last night. And this man thinks I write fiction? Still, what the hey? We might as well give the neighbors something to talk about when we're gone.

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