Wednesday, May 22, 2013


These days, you'll hear a lot of authors talk about "velocity."  It has nothing to do with car racing (at least not most of the time) and everything to do with book sales.


The first week sales of a book are what propels it onto the New York Times list, and first week sales are all about velocity.  Publishers love it and readers notice when a book starts strong out of the gate (I think I'm mixing my racing metaphors here).

I'm mentioning velocity because as book buyers, it's something we all need to keep in mind.  Sure, an author appreciates every book sale he or she gets.  But big numbers in those first couple weeks . . . ah, big numbers are what it's all about.

In the name of shameless promotion, I'm also mentioning it because "Mayhem at the Orient Express" is due to arrive on bookstore shelves on June 4, a little less than two weeks from now.  If you're planning on buying a copy, oh how grateful I would be if you did it the first week the book is one sale! 

Velocity.  It's all about velocity. 


Sharon Stogner said...

how does that work between the publishers and the authors? Authors want velocity, but publishers want pre sales. Or do they not want pre sales? why have pre sales if you want velocity?

Casey said...

Wish I knew the answer, Sharon! Maybe pre-sales go into first week sales figures? Going to have to ask one of the experts about this!

Mish said...

I always pre-order your books weeks before the release date. Does that count?

Casey said...

Thanks, Mish. Seems to me it must count. It sure does in my book!

BW said...

Any chance you will be out at Learned Owl or Barnes and Noble in Montrose when the book comes out? Then I could buy one and get it autographed at the same time.

Casey said...

BW, so far, nothing scheduled at either of those stores. I will for sure let you know. I post my signings on my Facebook page and when I remember, mentioned them here, too!