Monday, June 3, 2013

A quiet weekend in St. Louis

The title of this post is laden with sarcasm. To be honest, I am homebody and I'm perfectly happy hanging out in my jammies! I had even planned to start off the month strong with some writing But on this particular weekend that wasn't meant to be.  Let's start things off shall we...

Yes, it all began with tornado sirens going off in my particular part of St. Louis. We had some storms coming through. We've had all sorts of storms and sometimes I just shrug it off. The family hasn't had diinner and the kids are grumbly, but we head to the basement. The husband grabs the flashlight and all the essentials. He'd make a great disaster preparedness expert. So the there we are, the kids are playing on their handheld devices while we hang out in the finished basement. The lights start flickering so the husband has us go into the basement bathroom that has no windows to be safe. Then this happens:

That's when things got really interesting. So there we are in the dark, except for the devices which light up the room like its Christmas and I wonder what's going on outside and what the heck that thump was. After a while the husband and I go outside to a wet mess. Not much debris, except for the lovely limb on my roof (the thump) and another limb on the ground next to the carport. Nothing really bad. And I'm thankful since I just got the roof redone the first week of May. (Try explaining that to the insurance man. Umm, I need more money!) The whole subdivision was quiet since the power was out everywhere. We light candles for the kids and let them play in the semi-dark basement while we assess things. Eventually we come to the decision we are starving and about to attack each other Lord of Flies style for food and we decide to venture out:
As we drove around, it became apparent--very quickly--that we should have stayed at home and had peanut butter sandwiches. At the entrance to our subdivision two trees had fallen across the road going in. The road going out was clear though and had to be used for both in and out traffic. One tree had fallen on a service truck. The other tree had fallen into the road. Both of them were pretty big too. The main roads were a hot mess. Limbs extended into the street. Signs had been bent over. Some fences had been broken. Streetlights had been broken in a few places. And the power line poles... Many of them were bending over toward the streets. We left our city hoping to find food in another one and that city was just as bad.
We drove a ways and managed to finally reach power. But it was almost as if Bridgeton had totally gone black. That is bad. I do know a few folks still had power, but it was scary to see everything so dead. On our way back home, after we got food from McDonald's, we make the decision to get a hotel room. We both need access to power to do our jobs. My husband more importantly since he was on call.
We gathered a few things and headed to the hotel. We were finally there and we had power. Things would be fine and we got the kids settled into bed. Or so I thought:
We went back to bed. And while we trying to sleep it went out again! The alarms didn't go off this time so we gave up and went back to sleep. How long it had been out didn't matter. I was getting some sleep come hell or high water.

 This story does have a happy ending though. My kids got to spend the weekend at a hotel with us and we got to relax--sort of. And the power came back on the next day in the evening. We still stayed at the hotel though so the kids could relax and enjoy our "mini-vacation". I snort every time I write that. Mini-vacation! Ha! Now it's Monday and I'm back at home. I have four days until Lori Foster's Reader Author Get Together! At least I will glad about that hotel stay!

Did anyone have a better weekend than me? Even if you got some sleep that sounds pretty awesome. Ha!

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donnas said...

I got stuck in Walmart when the sirens started going off. They moved everyone to the back rooms. I am glad they have a plan in place, but I think they jumped the gun for our area, we got the rain while you all got the wind. Its amazing how the city splits weather wise. Glad you got power back. I feel really bad for those still without it.