Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grandma to the rescue!

Normal night at my house...characters...Grandmother; two 11 year old grandsons; a 10 year old grandson; a 5 year old grandson; and a 15 year old granddaughter. The scene plays out as follows:

 As Grandma is reading in her bedroom, the two 11 year olds enter.

First 11 year old Grandson: "Grandma, we've got a problem."

Second 11 year old Grandson holds up his right hand, and extending out past his middle finger (of course!!), is the broken end of a plastic Star Wars light saber.

Second Grandson: “It’s stuck and won’t come off.”

This statement inspires the 5 year old and the 10 year old to run over to check it out.

5 year old Grandson: “Are you going to take him to the hospital?”

Grandmother: “No,” as she proceeds to the bathroom to grease his finger with hand lotion.

Doesn’t work…and Grandma is thinking, ‘yes, maybe we will be taking a trip to the emergency room to remove the offending object.’

A brilliant idea strikes…lubricate the finger with dish soap.

The group, now joined by the 15 year old granddaughter, goes to the kitchen.

One problem…the plastic end is closed and how will she get the dish soap down to where it is stuck tight around the finger? Cut off the end!

After removing a knife from the drawer, she begins to saw off the tip of the light saber as Grandson Number Two watches with some trepidation and the other four grandchildren gather round and stare intently. No doubt they are wondering if Grandma’s going to get the finger as well, and if she does, they don’t want to miss it.

To make a long story short (sort of) the tip’s removed, dish soap is squirted down the hollow plastic tube, and after a few wiggles, the light saber slides off the finger!


All’s well that ends well and no blood was shed!! ;)
Everyone have a great rest of the week and a terrific weekend!!


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Casey said...

Yeah for you for being so ingeneous, Shirley! Grandma to the rescue, indeed! That's one of those stories the kids will be telling 40 years from now!