Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Really? This is the First Day of the Rest of my Life?

By Bea Cartwright from Kylie Logan’s “Mayhem at the Orient Express”

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Remember that old chestnut? It’s one of those saying that’s supposed to comfort us and remind us that each morning brings a new dawn and with it, new possibilities.

Well, I’m here to tell you that while all this “today is the first day . . .” stuff sounds really rosy, the first day of the rest of your life isn’t always exactly what you expect.

I’m living proof. I left Manhattan to follow my bliss, and bought a huge monstrosity of a Victorian house on South Bass Island in Lake Erie to open a B and B. I planned on playing hostess and on days of reading, relaxing. What I got instead was crazy neighbors. There’s the one across the street who thinks my house renovations have resulted in too much traffic. And the out-there-in-woo-woo-land lady next door who burns incense and plays sitar music at all hours. And have I mentioned that she’s the owner of Jerry Garcia, the cat who insists on using the potted plants on my front porch as his personal bathroom facility?

I never dreamed that the rest of my life would be spent in court with these two whackos, or that the magistrate would come up with a solution to our problem that was stunning and pretty darned creative–we were neighbors, he told us, and we needed to learn to talk to each other. Consequently, he sentenced us to one full year of being a book discussion group.

The good news? We actually found a book we all agreed we’d like to read, the classic Agatha Christie mystery, “Murder on the Orient Express.” Little did we know that soon, we’d be using Christie as our inspiration for solving our own mystery at the Orient Express, the island’s newest Chinese restaurant.

I certainly didn’t plan on that, or on learning to depend on the other members of the League of Literary Ladies to help me solve a murder.

That’s something else I never planned on!

"Mayhem at the Orient Express" is the first book in the new League of Literary Ladies mystery series.  It hit store shelves yesterday.

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