Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's in the Sole

Hi all! Today, I'd like to welcome Leigh Evans to Something Wicked. She's the author of the mega popular Mystwalker series and an all around great person. And she is going to show us shoes! What's not to love?

People have asked me if there is any character bleed between myself and Hedi Peacock, the heroine of the Mystwalker series.  Absolutely not, I inform them.  I’m neither Fae-born nor gifted with magic, I don’t have a drop of Were blood, and I really don’t like maple syrup.

Then someone asked me about Hedi’s shoes—or lack thereof—because the heroine of The Thing About Weres frequently loses her footwear.

And that’s when I started thinking about how often I’ve written Hedi barefoot...

Interesting. Could the fact my girl spends a lot of time wincing from sole pain have anything to do with my personal shoe collection?  I went to my closet and looked way up—all the way to the top shelf where I hide my *cough* treasures.  

Did I really buy these?

Description: Wannabe Real Housewives of Orange County meets Aldo.
Price Range: medium high, bought on sale.
Heel height: over 4”
Comfort level: Probably bearable once one got over the pinched toes and screaming arches
# of times worn: never (because I’m too embarrassed by their ungodly shine)

Description:  Dominatrix meets Nine West
Price point: a steal for $50, bought at a discount mall
Heel height: 3.5”
Comfort level: Three years later, the back of my heels still bear the scar.
# if times worn: Once—a memorable and bloody night.

Description: Middle-aged Judy Garland meets Ron White
Price point:  horrifying
Heel height: 3” sequined wedge
Comfort level:  Moderate to nasty toe cramps. The wedge heel is surprisingly heavy and one needs to pinch their piggy-wiggies to keep heels from sliding out of the back of the shoe. 
Worn: Twice because I’m a sucker for punishment.

Description: Old Faithfuls meets real world.
Price point: forgotten
Heel height: ¼ of an inch.
Comfort level: exquisite
Worn: 8 years, two continents, through summer, spring, and fall...

Well, what do you know? I have something in common with Hedi after all—a love hate relationship with shoes.

THING ABOUT WERES, the 2nd in the Mystwalker series, hits the stores July 30th:

Dubbing yourself Alpha-by-Proxy won’t make you one in the eyes of the wolves of Creemore, particularly if your bloodline is a mixture of Were and Fae. Add to that concern the issue that everyone believes that you did something unimaginable to their rightful Alpha and you can guess how smoothly Hedi Peacock’s tenure as pack leader has gone. Now, six months after the final scene in The Trouble With Fate, our girl is to be found sitting on her pirate rock, slapping mosquitoes. The stars are twinkling up above. Dare she do it? Nothing else has worked in terms of getting her heart’s desire—should she pin a wish upon a star?

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