Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You're invited to attend My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding

The new book is out today - woot! This is the fifth of the accidental demon slayer books and it called My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding. In it, Lizzie has to defeat hell's minions while planning her wedding. Can you guess which one is harder? Or at least the one group she can level with a switch star at and not feel bad?

This book was a blast to write, not just because I was able to dress Pirate the dog in a bow tie. No, it was because I was able to explore what happens when you blend families. In this case, it's biker witches, a Greek griffin clan and Lizzie's society family. But I think every wedding lends itself to its own particular brand of craziness.

And then there was the setting. I picked a remote estate on the California coast, just south of Monterey. There are a lot of houses down there that were built during the Victorian era and they are simply magnificent. The one Lizzie's family picks is, unfortunately, haunted by a gothic ghost. But, hey, these things happen. It was so much fun to research these old "American castles" and to build and entire gothic demon slayer setting.

So I hope you give the book a try. It's out now in print, on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble, with more booksellers to follow.

Thanks and happy reading!

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donnas said...

Congrats!! Cant wait to read it.