Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Headin' Out!

A hectic week, getting ready to leave town with my brainstorming group.  I'm many of you writers out there have such a group?  Ours meets once a year (oh, how I wish it could be more often!) and there are four of us.  We each have two sessions and in that time, we can discuss any projects we want. Sometimes, we come with pretty well-developed ideas.  Other times, we have just foggy notions of what we want to happen in a story.  Then we start hammering things out.  It's always interesting to me to see the way we work together, the way our ideas sometimes clash and sometimes mesh and always, always produce the seeds of what turns into good pages.

This year I'll be brainstorming two different projects: the first of a new mystery series I just sold to Berkley Prime Crime and book #3 in the League of Literary Ladies mysteries.

Wish me luck!  I'll be gone next Wednesday but the week after, I'll let you know how we did!

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