Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In With the In Crowd

I have to admit, ever since I started writing traditional, cozy mysteries, I've felt a little out of place here on Wicked.

No ghosts, no demons, no other-wordly creatures . . . rather, the mysteries I write as Kylie Logan feature a ladies book discussion group (OK, so it's court ordered and I guess that's at least a little edgy), a traveling chili cook-off show, and a woman who runs a business that specializes in antique and vintage buttons.

Nothing too woo-woo going on there.

At least until now.

I'm happy to report that "Buttoned Up," the fourth book in my Button Box mystery series, will hit store shelves on December 3 and that the book has a paranormal thread running through it.

Finally, I'm back with the in crowd!

"Buttoned Up" finds Josie, my detective, heroine and button collector, involved in providing a button for an eccentric artist who's presenting an exhibit of button-covered objects sacred to vudon, the type of voodoo practiced on the Atlantic barrier islands.

Little does Josie know that taking one tiny button to an art gallery will result in her being embroiled in the artist's mysterious death...or in the ancient religion and the devious plans of a ruthless vudon practitioner.

I've seen one early review of "Buttoned Up," and that reviewer said it was so scary, I should write horror. Not sure about that, but I do know that it was fun to dip a toe back into the paranormal and walk a little on the woo-woo side again!