Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Button Woo-Woo

Buttons, voodoo and a handsome (and possibly dangerous) stranger.

It’s all part of what happens in “Buttoned Up,” book #4 in the Button Box mystery series I write as Kylie Logan.  The book hit store shelves yesterday.

Why voodoo?

It’s hard to say where that idea came from.  I do remember that it happened a little over a year ago when I was meeting with my brainstorming group.  It was the first time this particular group met.  Four different writers who write four very different things.  Naturally, we were all a little worried.  Would be get along?  Would our brains mesh and our ideas click?  Would we actually be able to help each other with our projects?

I was up first and so of course, felt the brunt of this trepidation.

It didn’t take long to find out I was worried about nothing.  The ideas flew!  A book about buttons?  How could we make it fun and different?

As always happens in these sorts of brainstorming situations, we started strong, hit plenty of dead ends, turned and went in different directions.  What we ended up with–buttons and voodoo–was so outlandish, I knew it was bound to be fun, and I was right.  Since I love antique and vintage buttons as well as history, I’ve enjoyed writing each book in this series, but “Buttoned Up” is special.  There’s a dash of adventure in it.  A hint of the unknown.  A dose of romance.

And of course, buttons and murder.

For this author, it’s the perfect storm of button fun!

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