Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something Wicked welcomes Cassie Alexander!

Today on Something Wicked, we have Cassie Alexander. I met Cassie right as her first book, Nightshifted, was coming out. It's about nurse Edie Spence who works at a paranormal hospital, so of course I was hooked! There are now several books in the series and book three, Shapeshifted, releases today. Cassie is here to talk about what inspired her and why she loves creating amazing new worlds!

Hello Angie and everyone! Thank you for letting me crash your blog! 

Shapeshifted's the third book in my Edie Spence series, about a nurse who deals with paranormal creatures, and it's the first one where she's working out of the hospital, which was a nice change for me -- sometimes being a nurse at a hospital, and writing about a nurse at a hospital...well, it started to feel like I was at work all the time!
But with the hospital out of the picture, I needed another scary location for action to happen at. I trolled the depths of my childhood fears and remembered one of the places that traumatized me the most, living in the south in a flash flood zone -- the storm drains.
I don't know if the rest of the world even has these, I've never seen them like that before or since, but where I grew up, San Antonio, there are tons of these person-sized drain tunnels all over to handle the run off after thunderstorms. When you're a kid you play in them, but they can be scary as hell especially once you realize that people might be living in them, or you run into mean older kids with spray paint. (In retrospect, I wonder why I wasn't supervised more as a child!) 

Then -- also around the same time as my childhood --  Stephen King's IT was on TV. And when Pennywise the evil clown is in that storm drain trying to lure a kid down into it...that was it. Storm drains fates were sealed, and I never went into another one -- but they still haunt me, apparently to this day.
So Shapeshifted's about love, vampires, zombies, and deciding who you want to be -- but it's also about me exorcising my fear of storm drains...or getting other people to be scared of them too so I'm not alone! ;) 


Barbara E. said...

I loved Nightshifted and Moonshifted and I can't wait to read Shapeshifted. Edie is a unique heroine and Cassie is a fantastic author. :D

Angie Fox said...

I love her books, too. Really looking forward to this new one!

donnas said...

Sounds great. Looking forward to reading it.

Sharon Stogner said...

oh! storm drains will never be looked at the same after It . thanks for the guest post.